We are continuously involved in the improvement of Quality Standards through our manufacturing phase with the use of extensive program machines right from raw material to finished products.

We are very particular in the quality of all our operations and procedures, ranging from quotation to final billing and customer information updation. Our motto is to delight our customers by providing maximum satisfaction through the supply of quality products at right time and right place as required by the customer.

ISO Certificate

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CE Certificate

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Customer Satisfaction

We delight our clients by delivering beyond their expectations.


We deliver what we promise to each other and to our clients.

Continuous Improvement

We recognize everything we do as a process that can be eliminated, simplified or improved.

Risk Taking

We accept and encourage well-informed and calculative risk taking.

Machines & Instruments

Machines & Instruments

We have good machinery to produce good Quality of Products. Sophisticated machine tools provide the finishing touches.



Each and every Instrument and Gauges are periodically calibrated, to ensure integrity of measurement.


Preventive Maintenance

Company had documented procedure to conduct the preventive of each and every machinery and instruments.